Link Building

We hear a lot about SEO, or search engine optimization and while it is something that should not be taken lightly, but pursued with vigor, there are some correct ways to do this and some other ways that not only won’t help, but can cause problems.

It pretty much is a well accepted fact that a business ought to have their own website. The website should be very informative and be able to explain in a good amount of detail what it is that you are selling and how people can find you to buy it. After all, that is what people are looking for in the first place, so you have to offer them good and relevant content when they find your website.

There are processes to get your website ranked on search engines like Google, and in fact if you can get ranked on Google, you will probably rank will on other search engines as well, as Google influences them all.

Once you have everything in place as far as keywords, using the proper construction techniques in building your site, you will have one very important task to accomplish.

Google really likes it when other authority websites and blogs link to your site because they figure if a website that is in a similar or complementary niche and it is referencing your site, you must have some value and your site is worth ranking as relevant. The links that appear on another site that link to your website are called back links.

The trick comes in finding sites that will do that, because at this point you may be relatively unknown, so why would anybody be interest in you at all? And furthermore why would they want to take the trouble to give you a back link? We find out with help from the company DelawareSEO.

The very first thing that your need to realize is that you must avoid the “link farms” where people will sell you links coming from all kinds of sites. Google is smart and they did not just show up on the block last week. The last thing they want to see is your website suddenly going from one to two back links to over a thousand overnight.

If that is the case, Google will probably penalize your website, and you may never show up at all, being relegated to the depths of the bottom of the list.

One secret is to find blogs that allow back links to be inserted in comments and replies in the blogs. In this way it is a legitimate link and it is in the category of you making a relevant comment on a blog that means something and adds to the overall meaning of the blog itself.

The more back links you have coming to your website that are legitimate, the more credibility Google gives to your site. This can be a slow process, but that is how back links work in real life anyway. If you do your homework and continually comment on the comments of blogs like this, your back links will be real and they will last forever, boosting your site in the eyes of the search engines.

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