Saving Money With Rack Space

Rack Space is another funny sounding name for a web hosting company. Where do they come up with all of these ideas: GoDaddy, HostGator, Media Temple? Ask the people at Rack Space, a company that offers “Fanatical Support” to their clients. Learn what it means to spend more yet save money in the long run by looking for quality services.

About Rack Space Web Hosting

At Rack Space, technology stays up-to-date; the team is always on top of the details. They believe up-time is shutterstock_62462044-convertedimportant; redundancy is necessary, and customers deserve to be treated with consideration. They don’t believe in sacrificing efficiencies in order to save a dollar or two, so you shouldn’t either. What does this tell you? Other companies are cutting corners, maybe on tech, perhaps on customer service. Rack Space integrates infrastructure with technological intelligence and adds customer service into the mix as well; all of it, together; not just two out of three. Someone with skill in the web hosting world is always there to help clients no matter what day or time it is.

This firm’s name is frequently accompanied by “number-one,” offering the best up-time guarantee for managed Cloud hosting, for example. They are also the top Internet Retailer hosting provider, number one in Sharepoint deployment for Microsoft, they top the charts in OpenStack hosting with Private Clouds, and they lead hybrid Cloud solutions. Together with NASA, they even founded OpenStack.

Employee Certification

That’s not all. If you are considering which web hosting company to trust, consider this: their employees boast several hundred certifications combined. That includes more than 165 Cisco, over 200 Microsoft certificates, 160+ RedHat certificates, and about 150 for VMWare. Further certifications include Safe Harbor, ISO 27001, and CDSA Content Protection and Security Standard. Are they starting to look trustworthy yet?

Gartner Evaluation

This group grades web hosts annually, revealing those who provide the best services and features. The result is that Rack Space is often a leader in their industry throughout Europe. Although Gartner will not endorse a company or offer advice, they express opinions about businesses based on what they find during their research and think highly of Rack Space.

Fanatical Support

Managed hosting should be interactive; hands-on. Often, it feels like the relationship between company and client is very hands-off. Not at Rack Space; they are fans of their customers in the most literal sense, offering fanatical backup and obsessing about the outcome of their involvement in your business world. As they say at Rack Space, the day and the hour are irrelevant except that they are often called on during what others might consider inconsiderate times to deal with complaints, queries, and problems. Their clients work all hours of the day and night around the world and so should customer service, at least in the eyes of this web hosting team.

In a way, they become part of your business, but you don’t have to pay for sick days or maternity leave. Employees are not hired on the basis of mere skill with a server; employers look for the right attitude too and are willing to train the right people. Every day they survey hundreds of customers, but not the same ones every time. That would be too fanatical for those particular clients.


Dedicated Hosting

This is an expensive proposition when you add it up yearly, one reason Rack Space simply says to “call for a quote.” You can’t dismiss a person as easily as a you can a figure on the page. There are several good reasons to sign up for dedicated hosting, especially if your business is large or you handle lots of money transactions. Dedicated servers perform better than shared servers. You have more control over performance rather than being at the mercy of others on the same network. No one can budget into your space with a sudden burst of traffic that threatens up-time. Then there’s security, a big deal in the web hosting industry. Dedicated servers are more secure than shared ones.

Still Expensive

Open Stack might offer numerous benefits and could be cheaper than Dedicated hosting, but they still don’t post a price at Rack Space. Sure, there are many tools that help you scale your site, plenty of security options, and an intuitive control panel. There’s support, but the system is simple to look after on your own.

But what if the price were to come down just a little? How does a consumer uncover such an opportunity? The internet is full of these opportunities for just about every web hosting provider, Rack Space included. To some extent, you won’t know what you are saving: what’s 15% of an unknown monthly figure? How much use is a certain dollar-value discount when you don’t know what the original bill would be? Keep these discounts in mind, however, because they could help to mitigate costs and reduce your reluctance to sign on with Rack Space. Coupons could nudge you away from lesser hosts towards a quality company and more fulfilling services. Visit this website to get a Rack Space promo code to save money, for real.

Types of Coupons

It would be folly to assume that every coupon website posts the same discounts and promotions. Rack Space is one of those unusual websites which don’t promote deals right there; they leave that to their affiliates. But every website does things a little differently. There might be some repetition, but also something different on each page that posts coupons and promo codes for Rack Space. Search them all. Discounts include low prices per hour or per month. Enjoy freebies like mobile sync services free of charge with an account or lower prices on managed hosting. Some coupons are new, and they will either say so, or the date will tell you this is the case. Always read expiry dates, but if a coupon has expired, another one will come along.

Not all the “coupons” are really offering savings; they are informational. These listings tell you what’s available with a hosting plan without having to apply a special code to receive discounts. They look like coupons and are often misleading. However, Save Huge promo codes is not one of them. Clicking on these items might take you right to Rack Space through an affiliate link. Pay for a subscription to Cloud or Dedicated hosting, save money by choosing a better service, and the affiliate makes money too.